Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A boy on his dyeing adventure

I had spent the day with Alice, helping out in her studio with the dyeing business. Aidan was with me as he was already on his Easter holidays. He was a helpful little minion for us - he soaked yarn, helped with the rinsing, blocked 6 different socks, did little errands and the best part, didn't complain at ALL, not once! As a reward, Alice let him dye up his own skein of yarn. Here's his effort - in Royal Blue, Navy and Green. He's very proud and pleased with his effort. He carried the wet yarn home, lovingly in his arms. He wants me to knit socks for him. I guess, I'll have to!


kathy b said...

WHAT a great son you have. How wonderous he must have found the whole process. I love his colorway. His socks will be so very special to both of you!

Anonymous said...

enormous fun! Thank you so much for all the links too, been looking at them this morning and writing post it notes for our map!