Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring has finally sprung!

We've had 2 warm days and sunshine galore. It's equinox tonight - that means the days are getting longer, more sunshine, more warmth, barbeques, picnics, parks, outdoor time are all coming up. Can you tell I'm a bit high from the thought of spring and summer being round the corner??


Anonymous said...

They are very cute pictures! Its a shame you didn't get to the show, although there were not as many knitting stands there. L of stamping/paper crafts and cross stitch seemed to be a lots more popular too. How's the quilt coming along?

kathy b said...

I hope spring comes early in Chicago. I mean I hope we are done with sticking snow...not likely. I treasure each spring flower and bud that appears. IT has been known to snow as late as may 6th, fireman's birthday!

Mary said...

Hi Ling,

Yay for Spring. Your little girls are so cute. I saw them in Claire's knitting book (from your last blogpost). Little darlings. The photos in the book looks great.