Thursday, May 05, 2011

Unearthing treasures

Way back in 2005 (OMG -that's 6 years ago!!) I started knitting a whole bunch of mitred squares when the first Mason Dixon book came out. I'd occasionally knit a square or 2 over the years but did nothing with it for forever. As I was tidying up one day, I found a boxful of squares. I don't remember what I intended to do with the arrangements of the squares, so I just put them together and spent some time sewing up. Look what I managed to do in a few days.

The original plan was to knit a blanket big enough for my super king bed. The revised plan is knit a few more squares so that the blanket measures 3 x 4 big squares. I have 7 finished squares so far, so I might have a finished blanket in the not too distant future. (Please don't let it be another 6 years!)


kathy b said...

what a find! I Love the blanket it is becoming!

Anonymous said...

I love the squares, a knitted patchwork blanket!