Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Watermelon socks

Remember when Aidan dyed his own yarn and I knitted him a pair of socks. Well - the girls decided to play the jealousy card and insisted they needed to dye their own yarn and I had to knit them socks too. What could I do except give in! I had some undyed sock yarn, out-of-date Kool Aid packets and some time on my hands - so we embarked on a little home-dyeing.

Zoe insisted that her socks had to be Watermelon socks. She was very definite about this point as 3 year olds can be. Unfortunately, I had only 1 packet of lime flavour, so the green is a bit washed out. I even added Berry Blue to brighten it. It's still not quite right - but it'll do.I'm making short socks - plain vanilla socks. Hopefully, they'll be done in no time at all.
Speaking of watermelon - I love Watermelon Martinis. I usually make them over summer. I haven't made any it this year!! I guess I should rectify this soon! I make mine with these ingredients:

Fresh watermelon juice
Fresh lime juice
Extra vodka
Sugar syrup


two hippos said...

love the sound of watermelon martini! The sock yarn looks great, perfect little socks for summer.

princessdeia said...

I love Watermelon Martini's we have to go for cocktails one day :)

Great to see how the kool aid dyeing turned out!

kathy b said...

I'll just jump the POND and be right over for watermelon alcoholic drinks and knitting , Ling.

The watermelon socks will be adorable. dont forget to add a pinch of black for the seeds.