Thursday, April 13, 2006

More progress but no photo

There is sunshine here in London (unbelievable, I know - but it's still cold and windy!) but I keep forgetting to take any photos of progress. So I'll just have to prove it on another day. I have finished the front of my Orangina and have started the back. It's now measuring 4 inches. It could be twice as long but I kept messing up the lace. Not that the stitch pattern was difficult, I was just being "DUH!" Anyway, I've gone past that and progress is being made.

On other news, I'm getting really excited about a trip to KL in the next few days. My parents live in KL and I'm going home for family, food and sunshine. What knitting shall I take along with me? Hmm, choices!

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Ruth said...

oooh, going to KL! i can already taste all the hawker foods there. lucky you!! =)