Monday, April 24, 2006

Sunshine and fun

Many apologies for being out of contact. The kids are suffering slightly from jetlag (7 hours of time difference), so I'm suffering from jetlag too. Also, we spent the last 4 days in a beach resort. We went to Redang Island, off the East Coast of Peninsula Malaysia. We had cheap babysitters (read grandparents!), so we managed to get 2 days of scuba diving. I've even got a bit of a tan. Woo hoo!!! Here's a shot of the beach.
However, I haven't made as much progress on my knitting as I would have liked. 2 hours at an airport, 13 hours of flying. You would have thought plenty of knitting time. Zilch - the kids needed lots of entertaining and space was an issue. I also spent lots of time on dive boats but couldn't do any knitting. I wasn't sure the salty seawater was good for the yarn.

The Orangina is at the ribbing stage. I have joined the 2 sides together and started the ribbing. For some strange reason, I've got an extra stitch. So I managed to lose it again. I'm getting excited about completing this.

I also started the Somewhat Cowl. (Orangina got too big to cart around!). I'm knitting this in Debbie Bliss Cathay in black. I've almost finished one ball of yarn. I really love this yarn. Very silky and soft. However, it is also a bit splitty, like the Linen Drape. Sorry the pictures aren't very clear, black yarn is so difficult to photograph!


Ruth said...

you guys must be having so much fun over there! love the WIP pictures... can't wait to see how they look when completed =)

Mimi said...

Beautiful place! I can tell you are having such a good time... ;)

yarn_nut said...

I love the color of your orangina... I feel like making another one