Thursday, April 06, 2006

Orangina progress

The sun is shining, spring is definitely round the corner. What better time to show off progress on Orangina - on an outdoor shoot, with sunshine and flowers in the background. The Rowan Linen Drape can be a bit slow going (the yarn is a bit splitty! Heaven forbid if you need to frog it!) However, it does have a nice feel all knitted up. One ball of yarn down, 5/6 more to go.
Other progress, the kids and I have been having fun with more Kool Aid dyeing. This is Lil man's colour choice (Berry Blue, Grape, Lemon Lime and Lemonade). Sorry, I haven't got too many in progress shots, I was desperately trying to stop them dipping their fingers into the solution and licking up spilt bits and sucking on the yarn!! Yuck! Also, if this stuff dyes yarn, I'm not sure I'm happy for them to ingest it! Although having said that, I grew up eating and drinking lots of things which are bad for me. Oh well. BTW, the yarn is Cascade 220 in white. I should have enought for a hat and maybe a narrow scarf for the Lil Man!


Mimi said...

One of these days I'll dye some yarn too,looks to be a fun activity! Nice photo of Orangina!

Ruth said...

ooh, orangina looks so pretty so far!

Kathy said...


The yarn is so great looking. All I can think of is the mess. Is it just a huge mess?

I love your oragina.