Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Eureka - we have cable

I found my USB cable - stuffed into a shoe box, under my bed where the kids have been playing a lot of hide and seek. Hmm, I guess it's not my failing memory that's to blame but inquisitive and helpful children. At least, I have it back.

Now for some photos. First up is my completed Orangina or Blueygina. (Just noticed how untoned my arms look. Must go to the gym !) It's currently unwashed and unblocked but I don't think it'll change too much. It's knitted in Rowan Linen Drape, which is a pain to knit but does create a lovely fabric. You'll notice that the ribbing is in a slightly different colour - it was a different dyelot which I didn't notice until much too late. I was too lazy to rip back and alternate the yarn. So here it is with a new design feature. I love it .
Next up is the Somewhat Cowl. When the photo was taken, I had just completed the raglan increases. In the last few days, I have joined the front and knitted quite a bit of the body. This project is just flying off the needles and I love the Debbie Bliss Cathay. The knitted fabric is so soft and yummy. However, it can be a bit of a pain to knit - slightly slippery and splitty.
Remember my Kool Aid dyeing experiment. Well I managed to knit a beanie hat for the lil man. It's not quite the weather for it, but he loves it all the same. I've now got everyone coming through the US to buy me lots of different Kool Aid flavours, or colours I should say.
I didn't manage to buy any yarn while I was in KL but I did visit the Kinokuniya bookstore. I had a really hard time limiting my purchases. I didn't really see any knitting magazines which I liked but found some crochet/toys and quilting books which I just had to have. Actually, I could have bought another 10 magazines/books, but hubby was around and he would have killed me. Thank goodness for free shipping on YesAsia at the moment.


Mimi said...

You look great with blueygina! And the contrasting band is just fine. ;)
The hat is adorable, i think you coud do more yarn dyeing.

ra said...

ooh love that Orangina, it's cool. I'm impressed that you managed with the yarn, I gave up what I was knitting in it after about two rows. Does it get easier??

I'm intending to lose my Kool Aid Dying virginity this weekend. (I'm doing it in my sisters kitchen as she has a microwave).

Kathy said...

Bluey is magnificent. I have really enjoyed your postings as it came along.

I would be only too happy to be your Kool-Aid pal. Send me your snail mail address, to

I'll lemon lime grape cherry orange blue blast you from Chicago anytime!

Kendra said...

I totally agree about the Cathay yarn. It's lovely but it does split so much...

I love your Orangina too, it looks great.

Alice said...

Your arms are perfectly nice! The Orangina is lovely in blue and, because of the change in stitch, you can't tell there are two shades going on. But your children - they are so, so cute! Oh, that little boy in that hat! I can't remember whether it said on the post about the pattern for the hat - did you just make it up?

Rain said...

Orangina looks great. I really like the way the rib is a darker colour than the rest of it.