Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Hell... as I know it

I am making good progress on Somewhat Cowl but I'm at the ribbing stage for the cowl. It's been hell, 2x2 hell to be exact. Just seems that I've made no progress whatsoever. And I keep forgetting to take photos. It's too late now. I'll post more tomorrow.

BTW - Thanks for everyone's comments on Bluey. I really enjoyed knitting it and it looks great! It's been getting some wear.

It's also been really nice to have new visitors/commentors to my humble blog. Alice - the kids may look cute but they are a handful!!!! The pattern for the hat is from Lucinda Guy's book - Handknit and things. The stripey beanie from the summer collection. The whole book is so cute!


Ruth said...

awww... i've been to knitting hell too. ended up leaving the project in the needles and haven't touched it for almost one year to be exact. good luck with somewhat cowl!!

Kathy said...


I cannot stand 2x2 ribbing. I avoid it at all cost. It is my nemesis!