Tuesday, May 30, 2006

No contact

I am out of contact for the next few days - I'm off for my knee surgery tomorrow. Remember 5 months ago when I fell over while skiing and tore my ACL, well I'm having that ACL reconstructed. Sounds painful and I'm sure it will be too.

But don't worry, I've decided to make me feel better by spending far too much money! I've ordered books from Amazon, yarn from all over the world and ebay. There'll be packages waiting for me when I get home in 3/4 days time. That should cheer me up. More photos when I get back.


Ruth said...

Sorry to hear about your torn ACL! Be sure to stock up on plenty of yarn and books so you'll enjoy your recovery time. =) Best wishes to you!

mary said...

Thanks for the compliment on my Orangina! Your SC and Blueygina look great. Hope you heal quickly and get lots of knitting and knitting book reading time.

Rain said...

I hope all goes well and you have a speedy recovery. Think of the knitting time you'll get while you heal.

Mimi said...

Hope you are having a good recovery by now. Oh nothing like yarn and knitting books to soothe! ;)
Take care!

ra said...

Aaaargh how did I miss this at the time of posting? All the best Ling, hope your op goes well and you're up and about soon.

KnitnZu said...

Ling, read your post on SKC. Congrats for winning!!!

Sorry about the ACL. Mine went at tae kwon do....it was a testosterone contest in a judo throw and who won? Not me! The GUY with THREE years judo experience (15+years tkd experience didn't help much). My foot stayed on the mat and I went over his hip. Ton o Cartilage damage (from that or all the other stuff, who knows) which surely didn't help. Good luck w/ recovery. Do loads of squats (not yet!). Find out about balance training (one legged squats, squats w/ the exercise ball, anything that gives you instability)...it really helped. Even 3+years later I find that I need to do muscle specific exercises and lots of bike riding at the gym to prevent atrophy of the quad/vmo. And where did that hamstring go?

Are you doing Tempting II KAL? I remember the week in bed w/ the constant motion machine...wish I knew how to knit then! I know some people who knit while they use a treadmill, but I'm not there yet. Read yes, knit and exercise, not so sure.

Again, best wishes for speedy recovery and loads of knitting done while you do so.