Thursday, July 13, 2006

Knitting, ripping and more ripping

A few days ago, Kim started her Lotus Blossom Tank. I did say that if she started hers, I would start mine too. I do love the design. However, progress has been slow. 4 days ago, this would have been the picture of the progress. 2 days ago, the same picture would have worked too. Yes you guessed it, its been ripped twice. The first time, I didn't notice that I'd messed up some of the lacework. The second time........ never knit when drinking more than 1 glass of wine. That's all I'm going to say. Third time lucky (I hope). I'm progressing past the first repeat. Here's a close up.
On the other knitting, I've finished the knitting portion for my Prairie Tunic. I just need to sew it up. I'm tryng to get my motivation for that. I also haven't bothered taking a photo of my progress on Tempting II. 5 inches of 1x1 ribbing is not very exciting. More about that soon.


Rain said...

Ah, Knitting under the influence, never a good idea. It looks great so far and the colour is lovely.

Kim in Oregon said...

Why does yours look so much nicer than mine? All pointy at the ends and all.

Kim in Oregon said...

Quick update: I have 9 rows of the last lace repeat to finish before I move on to the 'easy stuff'. It looks pretty good (except for the first five stitches after the join).

Stay cool in the heat, Ling!