Friday, July 21, 2006

Lotus Blossom is progressing

The weather here in sunny London is not being very conducive for my knitting. Hot and sweaty = not a lot of knitting.

Having said that, I've made a bit of progress on the Lotus Blossom Tank (LBT), knitting in the wee hours of the night. I'm done with the lace part of the knitting. Hurray!!! I'm looking forward to the boring knit every stitch part of the knitting. The lace knitting got a bit easier after the second repeat. It suddenly made sense what the yo, ssk, ss2k2 where supposed to look like. There are one or two "design elements" in lace repeat 3 and 4. I couldn't face any more ripping. So it's going to stay this way.
In other news, I had Kate and her family over to lunch last Saturday. Being the wonderful blogger that I am, I forgot to take any photos of the day. DUH!! But we had a nice time - the kids played together. Hubbies had a chat. Knitters shared current WIPs and finished products and books. We have to organise another time to have a look at the stash because my hubby was around!!! One weekday soon. The only photo I remembered to take was one of the kids. They insisted that they wanted to be tigers for the day. So here they are. Everyone say ROAR!


Kim in Oregon said...

What an absolutely adorable picture. ROAR!

I'm on the back...and about to start the 6 inches of stockinette in the back. Yours looks great.

kateandmonsters said...

Hey Ling,

LBT is looking good! I've had such a blah week I'm only just about to finish off Maddie's first sock, lol.

will email soon to set up a stash flash...

alltangledup said...

aren't the kids cute. LBT looks nice ...but how can you knit in this weather? everything sticks to me

Rain said...

Your little tigers look very sweet.

LBT looks great so far.

ra said...

yay, Tigers, great choice kids!!!

good work with the top, sometimes it's nice to get to the boring bit though isn't it?