Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Exciting happenings

Lots of exciting news!! Firstly, I've finished Sizzle. If you recall, this was frogged and reknitted. Well, it's finally finished (I mean the knitting and seaming is finished, I just need to sew up some ends, but I'm going to say its finished!). Pattern - Sizzle by Wendy at Knit & Tonic
Yarn - Classic ElitePremiere in Jasmine (pale pink). Lovely soft yarn (50% cotton, 50% Tencel). But it loks like it might pill, so we'll see.
Needle size - 4mm (instead of 4.5mm of the pattern because I didn't like the drape of the knitted fabric)
Modifications - Because of the needle change,I cast on a few extra stitches. And because I am quite short, I made all my decreases and increases at every 4 rows instead of 6. I also added extra decreases for the waist shaping.
Thoughts - I really like this knit. I think I'll knit another one in a more vibrant colour and make the neckline a little lower. After knitting the edging, it pulls the neckline in slightly.

In other news, a fews weeks back I answered a fellow knitters call for help and sent some Rowan Cork so she could finish her project. Look how much she used.
Now, look at what she sent me for a Thank you. There's chocolate (which is almost finished!), a Katia magazine, yarn in a gorgeous burgundy colour (cotton classic by Tahki,Stacey Charles) and some fabric and a super cute postcard! Thank you Becky, you really didn't need to do this. I really appreciate your kindness. I love your "Matrix sweater"!


ruth said...

yay on sizzle!! it looks like it fits you really well!

forbidden knitter said...

Sizzle looks really good and lovely on you. Well done!

Rain said...

Sizzle looks great on you, the colour is really pretty and the size is perfect.

Becky said...

What I'm most thankful for, though, is that I made a new blog friend :-)

Sizzle is looking SIZZLIN'! I love the pretty, delicate color, too.