Thursday, March 22, 2007

It's a ...........

GIRL!!! We're having another girl. (The hospital won't guarantee it but I'm pretty sure!!) 2 weeks ago, I told hubby that I had a feeling that baby's a girl. He didn't want to believe me but here we are. Aidan and hubby were hoping for a boy and Keira wanted a girl. I'm hoping she's not going to be as headstrong and stubborn as Keira. She can be such a little ....... What's funny is that my Mum says she's exactly like me as a child. I guess that's karma.

Here's a picture of the little wriggler....... and she's waving to her mum's blogging friends.
I know I've been saying that my bump is huge. So I thought I'd show you guys the evidence. Remember this is only week 21. There's plenty more growing to go.

Enough about bumps and babies. As this is a predominantly knitting blog, I thought I'd better show some pictures of knitting. I finished a pair of socks for hubby. The details are as follows:

Yarn - Sweet Georgia Demon Socks in Rusted
Needle size - 3.5mm
Pattern - Thuja from Knitty Winter 2005
My thoughts - I love the yarn. It really does go faster than the normal sock weight yarn. I love the colours - steely grey, charcoal grey and chocolately brown. It really looks good together. The pattern is also very simple and effective and quite masculine. Hubby loves the socks, which is great.


mary said...

Oh, welcome baby girl! So good to see you. Can you see all of us blog readers waving back? I didn't believe I was having a girl until she was out. Didn't want to be disappointed and I wasn't!

ruth said...

great socks! and of course, a big CONGRATS on the baby girl!! =D

alltangledup said...

It's so much more fun to knit for baby girls.

congrats on the socks. They are lovely and for men feet it's always good to find patterns and socks that work up quickly

Anonymous said...

Socks looks great, well done! I am so jealous you are having a girl, I have 3 boys! I would love to knit for a girl. Many congratulations.

Kim in Oregon said...


Love the litttle hand.

On to knit something for the babe! I have pink yarn!

Carol said...

A girl! How exciting! The socks are cool too...Just not as exciting.

Kathy said...

Oh babygirl. How wonderful. It iwll be fun to see how different two girls in the same family can be. I am one of 5 girls. The middle! No two alike that is for sure.

It is much more fun to knit for girls. She will be lovely just lovely.

Just because its a knitblog, let us keep sharing your baby joy! Those of us who aren't having babies anymore love it!

Rain said...

That hand pic is precious. Fingers crossed for a girl - the knitting is prettier!