Tuesday, March 27, 2007


It's really worrying admitting one's music tastes. I am quite an 80's girl especially the mid 80's. Big hair (dodgy perm), big shirts, really bad taste fashion..... Ugh (shuddering!!!!)Anyway, enough reminiscing.

I have also finished one item of knitting!!! I have so many WIPs which need a heck of a lot of focus which I just can't seem to find. Anyway, here's Spherey from Jess Hutch's book. I made him for some friends who are expecting their first baby and I''ll be seeing them this weekend. Where you might ask? IN NEW YORK!!!!! Yup, Kate and I are off to NYC for a weekend of yarn shopping and shopping and eating. We've shortlisted 6 yarn stores in our "must visit" list. So if anyone needs anything (yarn , etc from NYC) let drop me a note and I'm sure I'll be happy to shop for you too.

Pattern - Spherey from Jess Hutch's booklet
Yarn - GGH Samoa (very like Rowan's All Season Cotton)
I have also managed to start something else in the last 2 nights. I've been hankering to start the Mitre Square blanket from Mason Dixon Knitting So while hubby is away in Hong Kong for business for 10 days, I dragged out 30 odd balls of GGH Samoa and Rowan ASC and cast on. 2 nights and 3 squares later, I am hooked. I love deciding colour choices and seeing how it's turning out. Love it. Love it. (I know, I know, it might just end up on the BIG WIP pile, we'll see. Focus!)


ruth said...

spherey is so cute!!! i have that booklet too, but haven't had time to start any of the cute projects. hopefully when summer comes around! =)

mary said...

Spherey is adorable and I hear those mitred squares are addicting. Good luck and have fun in NY!

alltangledup said...

I'm also a big 80's music fan, very nostaglic!

have a lovely time in my hometown!

ra said...

gosh durn it, you're always bombing about aren't you? have a fun time in New York, bet they love spherey!!

Hubby (partying in HK) said...

Oi - don't buy anymore yarn. You have a serious mountain load which you will never ever knit in your or your daughter's lifetime!


Kathy said...

Ohhhhh, your squares are so lovely. Someday I might try them. You've inspired me. Enjoy the UFO's.

Rain said...

Spherey is so cute. I love the colours you're working the blanket in too.

blog-blethers said...

Love your mitred blanket ... it's going to be fab! Spherey's really sweet and am sure your friends will love the gift. You had me giggling with some fond music nostalgia there ... hits and memories from the 80s flashing back (some too embarassing to be remembered too!). I was an old married woman by 1989 (married in '85). I was 18 in 1881 ... but recall so many of the 'classics' on your list (Who could have imagined Jason D was soooo prolific????)