Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Food cravings

There are tons of things about being pregnant that I've forgotten.

Tiredness - I don't remember ever being so tired. I'm pretty sure it's because I 'm running around after 2 kids already and I am getting older.
Being an emotional mess - I'm currently overreacting to everything.
Having an independent, moving entity in your tummy - pressing on the bladder (ugh!), dancing at 3 am, having what feels like hiccups.....
Feeling uncomfortable, having chronic backache, eating constantly (this one I'm not complaining about!), the list goes on...(some of it too yucky to mention)

One thing I can mention is that, I am having some food cravings, specifically spicy Malaysian food. They are kinda difficult to come by in London. Luckily, there is one pretty good Malaysian restaurant which I love and we went last week. That was good. I also had a real craving for achar ( spicy pickled vegetables) but I wasn't sure how to make it. I remember my grandmother making huge vats of the stuff for Chinese New Year and parties. A long distance call to my Mum and 10 minutes later. I have a recipe. One afternoon of chopping and cooking later, I have 2 huge jars of achar. Hurray!! And they taste so good, if a bit spicy ( I think too much chilli powder went in!) Actually, it would have taken half the time if the kids didn't decide to help as well. Here they are pounding the roasted peanuts for the topping. (I must take a picture of my cooking efforts before I finish eating all of it.)

We have been enjoying really beautiful weather. We've even managed to put up the outdoor toys for the kids in our tiny London garden (or more accurately, patch). I love this temperate , sunny weather. I don't like it when the temperature hits the 30's. I would be happy if it stayed like this for the rest of summer.


ruth said...

spicy malaysian food sounds like a really yummy craving! hubby and i will be in london in early august for a couple days, i'll have to ask you for the good eating spots, when the time comes =)

mona said...

Oh you must be dying for some good sambal too. Your little baby might turn out to be one "hot chilli padi". LOL.

Take care

alltangledup said...

i am so glad to know that I am not the only person to make long distance phone calls to get recipes. I've never had achar before, but it does sound interesting. Is it malay or Indian?