Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Feeling virtuous

Today I handed over the baby blanket and Anouk pinafore to my friend who will be attending her goddaughter's christening in 2 weeks time. I agreed to knit a baby blanket for her in November and only fiinished it in March/April. The baby was born in Oct. Boy, do I feel bad about it!! So bad that I knitted her the Anouk pinafore to make up for it!!! But now that they are both finished and handed over, I feel very virtuous and relieved. What's even better, she loves both of the items. Hurray!Two WIPs done - more projects to start. Oohh, what shall I start next?

I've also decided to show a picture of my orchid. I got it as a gift about 8 years ago - all beautiful and full of flowers. That was the only time it ever flowered. Since then, nothing! Suddenly, it's decided to flower again (well it has one flower!) but I'm so impressed and overjoyed by this prospect.

Ps - you can tell I'm not very green fingered judging by the dried stems and chewed up leaves!


Rain said...

That's really sweet of you. You can always make another depending on the variety of bean you produce.

ra said...

what a pretty thing. It's probably even more exciting when something like that blooms than when a flower that's regular as clockwork blooms isn't it?
That pinny is seriously cute!

Kim in Oregon said...

TAG! Come visit my blog when you have a sec to see what you've been tagged for!

Mimi said...

Lovely baby knit and I like the contrasting borders.
I get excited to see my orchids blooming too. Wow, you've kept it for years. Mine don't last more than couple years.