Friday, September 26, 2008


Don'tcha love the big chunky knit. Start it on Friday. Before you can say WIP, it's finished. I need 2 big buttons and that's it. Ends all sewn in. It's ready to go!!! Just in time for Winter as its about to set in any minute now.

Pattern : Tess from Kim Hargreaes
Yarn : Rowan Big Wool in Lucky shade 20
Needles : 12mm and 10 mm

Notes: Easy pattern. Quick knit. Love it.


Kathy said...

Ling! You have to be kidding me. In a weekend? It is gorgeous. The bottom part looks me. I love the color and love the sweater. Will check out the pattern! Great job of sweater inspiration for the knit world!

Ruth said...

LOVE IT!! i'm usually not a fan of chunky as it is sometimes unflattering on me, but it looks terrific on you!! and the color is so pretty!