Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Current projects

I've been working on a number of projects these last few weeks. Some have been more successful than others. I've started and frogged at least 2 projects. It was the case of wrong yarn for the project and major gauge issues.

Thankfully, it hasn't been all bad. Molly Ringwald has been progressing well (well, in comparison to the other projects!!). I had to reknit the straps twice. But I think it's going to work out OK now.Next up, is my Gryffindor socks (yarn from Kathy - thanks!!) I'm knitting the Diagonal rib socks from Knitting Daily. It's been a bit slow going as I'm trying some 12" circulars and I'm not really enjoying the needles. I think the pattern is great, so I'm going to need to find some 2.5mm dpns from some where.

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Kathy said...


SO fun to see you knitting with the Hat Charity yarn. I will show it to Al and Zach they are Harry Potter fans.