Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

I hope everyone is having a good Easter break. We've been having a good break. It's hard trying to keep the kids busy while they have 3.5 weeks off school. I try.....

I think it's especially hard when there's soooo much chocolate around. We've got chocolate coming out of our ears. We have chocolate bars, chocolate bunnies, chocolate eggs, mini chocolate eggs..... I, for one, am so sick of chocolate. I'm happy to give it up for another 40 days.

In order to keep the kids busy, we made chocolate nests with chocolate eggs. The nests contain Shredded Wheat and that's the only healthy bit of this tasty snack.
Can you see how excited the kids are?

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mary said...

Happy Easter to you, the kiddos and the hubby too! Looks like it was great fun! If I had chocolate nests with chocolate eggs, I think I'd toss the shredded wheat! hee hee Did the kids eat the nests too?