Monday, January 17, 2011

Progress and New project

I am loving Hedera. It is a super fast project (for me!). I have now finished 1 sock and I'm at the foot of the second sock and I cast on 10-12 days ago. This is practically unheard of!

And since I was doing so well, what better time to start a new project. This is going to be another cowl for the little man. I had some issues with the fair isle pattern that I chose, but pattern no 2 is going well. Sorry, I only have the picture of the corrugated rib, which is uninteresting to say the least.


Socktopus said...

Very pretty colours. Love hedera!

Kathy said...

I must be the slowest sock knitter ever. I am stuck on second sock.....just finished the cuff.... yawn....yawn I m bored already