Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sock 1 of 12

Finished a pair of socks and there's at least a week left of this month! ( I don't know why the pic is on it's side - blogger issues?!)

Pattern: Hedera
Project/page: Ling’s Hedera
Yarn:Sunshine Yarns Classic Sock
Colourway: Forever at Sea
Needles:2.5mm dpn
Cast On Date: Jan 6, 2011
Cast Off Date: Jan 20, 2011
Mods/Comments: I made the leg a bit shorter than was called for in the pattern.

I have 2.5 pairs from last years sock club and 5 pairs from the previous years and 1 from the Bloodlines sock club to catch up on though. Next up, I'm going to knit V-junkie from the Bloodlines sock club.


Anonymous said...

Cute socks, your super fast at knitting them too. I'm still knitting a Cardigan for my self started last year!

Kathy said...

Sock one of 12 is wonderful!!!!! HEre's to the rest being as lovely. I like the image on its side.

Lisa L said...

I really have to try the Hedera pattern myself! Just beautiful!