Monday, November 14, 2005

Completion and progress

I really must make an effort to post on a regular basis, otherwise I have a huge number of photos and things to write about on one post.

First up, progress on my Blackberry cardi. I have completed one sleeve (I frogged the original sleeve for being too big and reversed the cable onto the knit side of the fabric) and started on sleeve two. I am hoping to complete sleeve 2 fairly quickly, seam it and start the ribbing. The weather in London is absolutely freezing at the moment and Blackberry would get a lot of wear. I have also just played netball tonight, so I can confirm it is Artic out there!!!
Next up, I was stressing a week ago about finding Adriafil Globe Multicolour to finish Clapotis. I managed to score some from an advert in one of the knitting magazines (I find those details). So, a few hours of knitting later and a few more hours of light blocking, I present to you the finished article. I love it! It is going to keep me so warm. I love those colours too. One day when I run out of projects (ha ha!!) I will knit this again in a variegated yarn with longer strips of colour. Here is hubby showing how big it is, Clapotis that is.

Finally, I also started on some Christmas presents. I knitted this scarf in Noro Tubu (small) which I purchased from Get Knitted in summer (ages ago). All it took was one hank of 100g. I think this yarn has been discontinued. I have a few more hanks and a few more presents to complete.


Mimi said...

I think the cables on the knit side of Blackberry cardi looks better. Your Clapotis looks very nice and sure will keep you warm this winter!

alltangledup said...

From one Ling to another... my Chinese name is Ling too, it's spelt like the Ling in Mitsubishi. I found your blog through another and thought to say hi, afterall on the surface we are both Lings ;-) and we both live in London too. Do you ever make it up to the Liberty get-togethers on Thursdays?

emy said...

hi Ling,

(That happens to be one of the characters in my name too)...lovely Clapotis!

I'm so glad mine's all done up as it took such a long time!