Monday, February 06, 2006

After all that..

After all the stress on knitting the superhero's cape, lil man has insisted that he definitely wants to be a pirate. He doesn't want a cape. No, not at all. No mum, I don't want to try it on. No.. No.. No... So on that note, I have decided to stop knitting that damn cape. I do have enough on my unfinished list and also much more appreciative recipients.

So I started on a new project. And I finished it in 2 days. However, I don't like it. So I am going to have to frog it. It's a beret in Rowan Big Wool in Ice Blue. It knitted up really easily on 10mm needles and it's a nice design. It just doesn't suit me. Anyway, I'll make it into something else. Here's lil man modelling it on my behalf..

I have also had a few interesting things in the post. One of it was the new Rowan magazine. On the whole, not very inspiring. There's not much that tickles my fancy. What really surprised me was the fact that liked the men's sweaters the most. Ash (although not in that colourway for a bloke), Warrior and St Mawes. However, the likelihood of me knitting a man's sweater is almost nil. But I guess never, say never. Not sure I get where Rowan is going with the Tribal photoshoot.

On the other hand, I am looking forward to getting the new Interweave magazine. Definitely some stuff that I would knit. The other exciting development, is the new Phildar website. Definitely much easier to use and looks like we can order yarn too. But don't quote me on it, I can't read/understand French. The new Spring Summer collection looks great. There's also stuff on the magazine that I would knit. Now, I just need more time and money.......

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Kathy said...

Lil man is too cute. Frogging is in the air lately! Berets are considered an Olympic trend I heard today.