Thursday, February 02, 2006

Help requested

I just had a birthday yesterday. After one's 16th, 21st and 30th birthday,it just seems rather normal and uneventful. It's mildly depressing to move up one age bracket. I am no longer a young and youthful 25 - 34 year old. It's a really good thing I'm not too bothered about getting a year older and how I look. What's important is how old you feel, and I feel like I'm still in my late 2o's.

On to more important things, I have 2 questions on knitting. Any help or comments will be greatly appreciated. Firstly, I have completed the Harry Potter scarf ( a few weeks ago) and made a small error. Here it is all completed. It was actually a very easy and mindless knit. Great for knitting on the go.Here is the error. I did the 3 needle bind off for both seams. However, I did one seam right side facing and the other seam wrong side facing ( as I couldn't obviously turn it inside out). Should I rip out the seam so that it looks neater and matching?? The perfectionist in me says yes, the lazy one says no. Hmmmm......... My other question relates to a new project. I am knitting the superhero's cape from New Knits on the Block, by Vicki Howell. The lil man has a fancy dress party to attend, and he fancied either being a superhero or a pirate. I've got a pirate costume sorted out. I thought I might make the cape anyway. In the instructions, on the increase row, it says, "k1,*inc 1 in next stitch, k1, inc 1 in next stitch; repeat from *". If I start with 40 stitches, I end up with 120 stitches. But in the instructions, it only has 66 stitches. This can't be right, can it??!!!I'm knitting the cape in Filatura di Crosa Zara (100% extra fine merino) in bright blue and the gold from my leftovers of the HP Scarf. This is what I have so far after some ripping out!


Kathy said...

Happy Birthday to YOU!

I'm too tired just now to look at the math with the increases. Hmmmmmmm. Maybe reread the instructions further on. Perhaps they made a mistake in the pattern. NO! Oh yes. Never assume its YOU! Your over 35 now. IT took me to 45 to learn this. Its a wonderful view of life: oh they probably made a mistake, not ME.

Harry Potter scarf is great.

Im going to have a cupcake and toast you fellow blogger on your birthday!

ra said...

I think the instructions may be correct.
If you knit one then
*inc in next stitch then knit one then increase in next stitch and continue from *in this pattern you will do
inc, knit, inc
inc, knit, inc
inc, knit, inc
so for every three stitches you start off with, you'll end up with five stitches.
there are thirteen lots of three in 39 stitches so that will give 65 stitches plus the first one that you knit.

Hope that makes sense, it did when I drew the diagram on the back of an envelope, transalating it into words is a tad more tricky.
Good luck with it anyway!