Saturday, June 10, 2006

30 things about me

Kerrie at HipKnits is getting everyone to do a "30 things about me" for a chance to win some gorgeous yarn. Who can resist more yarn!

So here's mine:

1. My grandmother taught me knit when I was 8 or 9 and I made a purple acrylic garter stitch scarf which she has kept. I didn’t really knit again until 20 odd years later. I took it up when I was expecting my little boy.
2. My first knit, after the long break, was a Debbie Bliss moss stitch baby scarf and hat set. I’ve not looked back since.
3. I have more yarn than I know what to do with. I’m really into retail therapy. If I’m stressed/bored/at a loose end, I shop. (Thank goodness for internet retailing.) Pre children, it was Cds, jewellery, bags, clothes, etc. Now, just yarn, books and stuff for the kids.
4. I don’t feel guilty about buying books. I feel guilty about spending money on other things.
5. My husband doesn’t know how much I have in the stash. If he did, he would FREAK OUT big style.
6. I love learning new things about knitting. I’ve just learnt to do short row shaping.
7. I’ve got my first pair of socks on the needle.
8. I love dyeing my own yarn. I’ve only tried Kool-Aid but would love to do more.
9. I’ve yet to knit something in fair isle.
10. My finishing techniques are abysmal.
11. I’d love to join a knit group/knitting circle.
12. I would like to learn to spin, (not that I need another addiction!)
13. My “To Knit” list grows on a daily basis. It includes Kiri shawl, Log Cabin throw, Sunrise Circle Jacket, Knitted Hoodie Coat in Rowan Polar (design not finalised!), loads of stuff from Miss Bea series and Lucinda Guy for the kids, Ferragamo bag, ………………
14. I love starting new projects, but I’m less keen on finishing them. I used to have an uncompleted little stuffed toy mouse, which only needed eyes and whiskers putting in, but it stayed uncompleted for years. My husband threw him out after 12 years.
15. My WIP list is horrendous. I keep finding uncompleted stuff.
16. I can crochet quite proficiently too.
17. My blog is almost a year old. Wow!! I’ve really enjoyed blogging.
18. Most of my friends don’t know about my blog. But that’s OK.
19. Pre children, I was a boring auditor with one of the big firms, working very long hours. Now I’m a full time mother of 2 and loving it.
20. I’m on permanent maternity/career break. No, no I’m not pregnant again, I haven’t been back to work since my second was born.
21. I need a career change but have no idea what that change should be.
22. I love playing sports and exercising. I used to play for a local netball team. My tennis isn’t too shabby either.
23. I hate swimming with a vengeance.
24. My other crafty passion is pottery. I took it up in 1998 but I haven’t done anything in the last 2 years. I can throw on the wheel and have made mugs, bowls, tea cups and canisters. These are the decent stuff, I have a whole box of “pots” that I made.
25. If I had the money, I would like a separate annex to the house for a dedicated craft room.
26. I love cooking. I only learned to cook when I went to University at age 18.
27. I’m into organised chaos, ie the house is a mess but I know where to find things most of the time.
28. I’m a hoarder. I keep things. I only throw things out when I’m forced to do it.
29. Since the children arrived, I have lost the ability to remember things. I have to write everything down.
30. I’ve started a collection of dolls for my daughter, but it’s actually for me. Shhh, don’t tell her.


Mimi said...

I have a passion for pottery as well! I stopped because I didn't find a good use for my creations. Knitting clothes seem to be more practical and useful!

alltangledup said...

thanks for sharing that too.. i've always been curious about you...;-) not in a stalker way of course