Sunday, June 11, 2006

A little bolero

2 balls of hand dyed yarn. One quick made up pattern for a bolero. And ta da!! Not bad even if I do say so myself.
Here's a closeup of the back. I'm quite impressed with my attempt at dyeing. It still smells of Kool aid even after a wash and a block.

Pattern details:
Pattern: A top down raglan knit. Increase until it's the length you require. Cast on extra stitches for the ties. Garter stitch for edges. Maybe a nice edging for fronts (not yet done).

Yarn: Cygnet superwash in white but dyed with Kool aid - Cherry (Red), Swirling Strawberry Lemonade (Pink) and 1/4 Grape and 1/2 Orange together for the Brown


Mimi said...

Your little princess looks so cute in this bolero. I can imagine how happy you are with this project. Good job!;)

Ruth said...

great job on the little bolero.. and on such an adorable "model" as well..! =)

Rain said...

What an angel. It really suits her. Great job on the dyeing, the colours are really pretty and the bolero is really cute.

Dipsy said...

Oh, this turned out so beautifully, and it suits your little one just perfectly - she seems to be so happy with it! Love the colors too! Great job!

ra said...

fantastic, love the colours, love the pattern, love the model!

(Still hate the smell tho' .need to wash my socks again!!)

Rebecca said...

fantastic bolero! the dyeing looks great and she is so stinkin' precious in it!!