Friday, June 09, 2006

Presents for myself

Blogger can be so annoying sometimes. Well at least it's up and running this morning.

I love it when the postman comes. First up is a big package from America. I ordered a whole bunch of Cascade 220 from Webs. The purpley heather one is going to be the Sunrise Circle Jacket (although the colour might be a bit intense for me, but we'll see.) The light blue will be for the lil man and the pick for the lil princess. (Boy, is she a princess at the moment. We are going through the joys and tantrums of the TERRIBLE TWO's. Quote of the moment - "Don't want that!" and obviously "NO Thank you!"). I've also bought some Regia sock yarn because I'm going to learn sock knitting this summer. Nothing like a stash mountain of sock yarn to make me start!I also had one/two deliveries of Kool Aid from friends visiting America. There are some yummy exciting flavours/colours there. These include Mango (deep yellow), Pineapple (also deep yellow), Artic Green Apple (green), Soarin' strawberry lemonade (pink), Raspberry reaction and a Switchin secret (not sure what colour it's going be!). And the weather is going to be brilliant for dyeing. Hurray.
I've also bought loads of books from Amazon. These two I'm really enjoying at the moment. There are at least a few projects from each book that I would like to start.


ra said...

I think "switchin secret" comes out green but not certain, think I used some on my "mermaids hair".

If you want to see swatches of Kool Aid dyed yarn try here

have fun.

Rain said...

Ooooooo gorgeous yarn.

Ruth said...

wow!!! that's alot of goodies there!!! =D