Sunday, June 18, 2006

Where I have travelled to....

I love to travel and have travelled to quite a lot of places. Or so I thought until I did this little test. Lots of countries unexplored. However, now with 2 little children, I'm unlikely to increase my travel by much.

Go check it out here

On the knitting front, I have made very little progress. Partly because it's been very hot (but I'm not complaining) but also hubby's been away for the last 4 days and nights and the 2 little monsters have completely drained me. Let me give you an example. This evening after putting them to bed, there were shouts for Mummy. I go upstairs. There is nappy removed. There are "bits" from the nappy everywhere in the bathroom. Great! 15 minutes later, clean child and disinfect bathroom and put them to bed. (And she looks so angelic!!) Half an hour later, there is another shout for Mummy. I go upstairs and find 2 children covered in Sudocre(nappy/barrier waterproof cream). Not just fingers and pajamas, but toothbrushes, toys, soap dispenser, mug, sink, bed, you see where this is going. Another half an hour of cleaning up. Who has the energy to knit!!!! Anyway, I'm off to do more internet retailing.


kateandmonsters said...


Unbelievably, have had the same experience this morning... Woke up with a fussy baby... dh had left and (long story) hadn't heard Maddie (2yrs and 3 mos)who was awake. When I went in to see her I discovered her holding out a completely full of poo nappy... I don't know how long she'd been like that but poo was everywhere and dried all over her. Lovely!

This was of course after I'd been up at 4am with a fussy baby who vomitted up half of his bottle all over me that I'd broken down and given him...

Culminated by putting Mads in the car on the way to nursery, Jamie's pram rolled away, and as I ran after it, my trousers fell off in public! I mean down to my ankles! (am currently dieting, obviously it's working...)

And of course dh is on a client event at the world cup and left this morning until tomorrow... why do we mums get ALL the dirty work?

And I would love to meet up sometime - I love meeting new people! We're currently in central London (just down the street from Waterloo station) but we're moving to Sydenham Hill where we're a 5 minute walk to Crystal Palace park - is that close?

Mimi said...

This is motherhood! One time they are just like little angels, so adorable. Another time, they behave like little monsters!
From my experience, it improves as it grows but gives you different headaches.

ra said...

blimey, and I thought they looked cute!