Sunday, August 28, 2005

Felt mascot book

This book has a slightly more commercial feel as it has little mascot dolls of Hello Kitty, Miffy (?) - the cute little rabbit, the little blue haired angel and the little red haired angel and various others. ( I would list them but as you can see I don't really know their names apart from Hello Kitty.) Anyhow, the ISBN of this book is 4834721256.
Here are some other projects included in the book.


Veronica said...

O M G !
I want this book BADDDDDDD!
you are so lucky!! do you understand japanese or just by looking at the pictures is easy to craft?
Greetings from Spain.

Veronica said...

Thanks for answering!!
Now I only need to find some pretty books here.. although I guess I will have to try ebay for those.

Have a nice weekend!

Minnie said...

Hi. I love making felt dolls and I have been looking for a hello kitty pattern. Would you like to share the pattern in the book with me? Thanks.