Monday, August 22, 2005

New project Clapotis

I just noticed an inconsistency in my previous blog. I didn't finish Branching out on my drive to Cornwall. I had already finished it. I just blocked it last week.

However, I was knitting a new project on my journey. It's Clapotis, pattern from Knitty. It's the one everyone has knitted. Better late than never. The yarn is Adriafil Globe, a bargain buy of £1 per ball from I forget where (sorry). I have to say I'm really enjoying knitting with this yarn. Two weeks of knitting (and everything else that I do) and I am all done with the increases. Just 11 more increases to complete on the straight part and then I am done. (Oh that will probably take 2, maybe 3 months at my rate. Watch this space.)

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