Wednesday, August 03, 2005

New Rowan Magazine

Firstly, my camera is in need of charging but I can't find my charger. In my post tidy up, I can't find anything. (That's an exaggeration but still no charger!)

Anyway, it was exciting to hear the thunk of post arriving this morning. Rowan magazine 38 has arrived. I saw it Liberty on Monday but resisted the temptation to flick through it as I wanted to give it my undivided attention. I love some of the designs - But boy do I dislike some of the others (ARMI, ODILE, MIKA etc - they just look very unflattering and shapeless and DANDY - a pompom scarf?!!!!!) Sorry, not my cup of tea.
Do LOVE most of the accessories - BRAIDEN bag, BOO Bag, CLYDE bag, CAPONE felted hat - how gorgeous! On my list to make! I do like LUCY sweater , FOGGY PANDA sweater and BIANCA cardigan.
I look forward to seeing more from the three new designers at Rowan.

On other completed projects, I have finished Branching out, from Knitty. It needs washing and blocking which will only get done after we come back from our holiday. Adios.

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