Friday, August 19, 2005

Meet Flash Harry

Please say a big hello to Flash Harry, my submission to this month's MOS Wild West Theme. He's a cowboy, a sheriff no less. He is made predominantly from felt but has a cotton shirt and bandanna. He was an inspiration from a Japanese craft book (details in another post). He's got natty stetson which covers up the fact I made his hair in dark navy blue rather than black. (Memo to self - must sort out yarn stash!) He's got a happy persona because Aidan didn't want him with an angry face or sad face. Hubby says Flash Harry is not quite John Wayne more Village People. Here he is showing off his badge and holster. (Is it me or this picture a bit blurry?)

I had a lot of fun making him and it took about a week to complete. There is a slight design fault where his head is a bit floppy even after a reinforcement. I'll have to try again.

Now I have to get back to my knitting. Lots of projects to complete.

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Bea said...

What a cute little guy!