Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Finished Objects

Productivity was definitely a buzzword for the last 2 weeks. It certainly helped that we had a 6 hour drive to Cornwall and back. I completed my Branching out scarf, pattern from Knitty, yarn was Jaeger Mohair Art from the Liberty sale. I really love the ice blue colour and the feel of mohair. It's also back in fashion again. Win - win.

Next up is a lovely cardigan from Rowan Babies called Dumpling (great name!). The yarn is Rowan Big Wool in colour Swoosh which is just gorgeous. Really easy to knit up in 12 mm needles. I need to be honest here, I actually completed this in September last year (obviously in a larger size than I needed it). I didn't finish it (seaming and sewing buttons) and thought it was definitely time get going as winter will be upon us and she will outgrow it in a minute. Good news, she loves it and she could still get a few more months of wear (at least 6, optimistically). Even better news, she looks gorgeous in it! This is why I knit.

Lastly, this project I started in September last year but got really uninspired with it and left it in the uncompleted pile until last week. There was one side of the poncho left to knit and that really only took a few days to complete. I'm not sure that I am particularly keen on novelty yarn. The yarn is Wendy Shimmer and it's a poncho again for my little girl. She does love it and it is really soft and cuddly when knitted up. But it was just a pain in the you know where to knit. I did drop some stitches but you can't really tell.

I'll be posting more over the next few days as I am working really hard to complete my Month of Softies project. It's looking good.

PS sorry about layout of photos on my blog. Can't seem to arrange them very well. Oh well.

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Bea said...

Your scarf turned out so beautiful! I have some mohair yarn lying on my stash...must see if it is enough for a scarf like this... So, so beautiful!