Monday, August 15, 2005

Lovely break in Cornwall

We've just (well 6 days ago) returned from a short holiday in Cornwall. What a great time to be had by all, great food, wonderful company and fab weather.

On our way to Penzance, we took a short detour to visit our friends in a little village in Dorset. They have a lovely house surrounded by farms and farmland. We saw cows, pigs, chickens and ducks. In fact there was a pond on the property and they had ducks, lots of them.

Our friends are getting married or at least having the reception here, on the same weekend that we were visiting but next year. It's going to be gorgeous.

On to Penzance, about 6 hours west of London. We stayed with some friends who were such great hosts. We didn't have a very successful trip to the beach. Aidan was stressing about the water coming in and getting us wet. Try explaining the concept of tides to a 2.5 year old. Keira just found sand very tasty. But we did have a lot of fun at the tide pool. Trying to catch fish and prawns (actually that was Daddy - he had fun!)

On a knitting note, I did also find Knit Wits in Causeway Head in Penzance. It was run by some great gals and they had some great products including SWTC Bamboo yarn, UK Alpaca and some of the less easily available yarns. The only thing I purchased was a ball of Opal Cotton sock yarn. I am ready to try my hand at sock knitting, although the prospect of 4 dpn needles is quite daunting. More on that later.

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